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Metro Locksmith Services Cleveland, OH 216-606-9137Metro Locksmith Services started as a small player in the locksmith industry ten years ago. We only offered basic services then but what differentiated us from our competition was our zeal to learn and our passion for being the best. Due to our constant effort and hard work we have evolved into a multifaceted locksmith provider that provides every lock & locksmith service possible under the sun. Over the years we have added many services to our usual offerings and one of those services that have received the most impressive response is mailbox locks installation.


Do you even need a mailbox lock?

Need for mailbox locks may not seem very important but in case you are living on a busy street or have an office in a complex that has multiple offices, then you might want to think again about your requirement of a mailbox lock. Many times, we fail to lock our mailboxes resulting in loss of important mail. While most of the communication these days takes place digitally but there are still some things that can only be shared via post. That is why it is important to install sturdy mailbox locks at your home and office.

Find the right mailbox lock

Mailbox locks come in many varieties and if you are planning to buy one on your own without prior research then you are bound to get confused. That is why it is best to consult a locksmith for your needs. A locksmith will be able to guide you based on your usage and your budget. You can choose from a pin tumbler lock to a cam lock and other numerous options. If you are hoping to receive sensitive business information in the mail, then it is best to install high-security locks, that are prone to forced entry and damage.

Need to fix, replace or open a mailbox?

Like any other lock, mailbox locks are also susceptible to damage and malfunction. However, when a lock jams when you are trying to retrieve an important letter from the mailbox, what are you supposed to do? Breaking the lock is one option but you will end up paying for expensive replacements later. So how do you retrieve the mail non-destructively? Simple, call us. We will take care of any problem with the lock and take the necessary action so that you don’t face a similar problem again.

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