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Lack of attention can sometimes put us in a lot of unwanted trouble. Lack of attention is the reason most of the times we end up locking ourselves out of our car. You walk out of the car for better reception to a call and unknowingly leave your keys locked in the car. There is a very rare chance that you will have a spare with you. So, what action should you take to get out of this situation? Breaking the window or calling a towing service is a possible option but one will cost you a lot of money and the other will lead to a loss of time. We will give you a third more reliable, quicker and affordable option. Metro Locksmith Services is a premier car unlock service and it has rescued numerous car owners who have unknowingly left their keys locked in car.

Keys locked in car? Here’s what you should do:Metro Locksmith Services Cleveland, OH 216-606-9137

  • Keep calm
  • Check if you’ve got the spare key with you
  • Are there any doors or windows unlocked?
  • Stay by your vehicle’s side
  • Don’t attempt any DIY hacks
  • Do not try to force open the lock
  • Call Metro Locksmith Services
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes for help to arrive

Why Metro Locksmith Services?

Because we have ourselves been in such a situation and while it is easier for us to navigate through the problem, the stress level is no less. We know that immediate help is needed and if you don’t get it then frustration levels are sure to rise every second there is a delay. That is why Metro Locksmith Services functions as a 24-hour service agency and can get you out of any car lockout situation in no time. We’re famed for:

  • 24 hour emergency service in Cleveland, OH area
  • Mobile locksmith vans for on-the-spot assistance
  • Emergency response team
  • Lightning fast response to car lockout calls
  • Full inventory of modern tools
  • No added charges for off-hours service
  • Economical pricing

How we do it?

Unlocking a car without breaking the lock or the window is an art and not many technicians can confidently claim that they are comfortable with opening a complex car lock non-destructively. But we have a reputation of helping out customers in a non-destructive. We carefully use our knowledge and the tools at our disposal to remove keys locked in car. If a lock cannot be opened after repeated attempts, then only we try to break the lock to gain access.

To retrieve keys locked in the car call us on 216-606-9137.